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Backface Culling

by Bitbreaker/Oxyron/Nuance

An easy way to find out if a face faces towards the viewer or away is to check whether the area covered by a face is positive (frontface) or negative (backface). This done by taking the first 3 vertices (already transformed into 2D) of that face and calculating the following:

(v1.y - v0.y) * (v2.x - v1.x) - (v1.x - v0.x) * (v2.y - v1.y)

If the result is positive, the face is visible and rendered, else it is discarded.

         ;calculate the signed area while copying the vertices into the vertexbuffer for drawing
         ldx faces+0,y
         lda vertices_x,x
         sta verticebuf_x+0
         lda vertices_y,x
         sta verticebuf_y+0

         ldx faces+1,y
         lda vertices_x,x
         sta verticebuf_x+1
         sbc verticebuf_x+0

         ;set up first factor
         sta z1_+1
         eor #$ff
         sta z2_+1

         lda vertices_y,x
         sta verticebuf_y+1
         sbc verticebuf_y+0

         ;set up second factor
         sta z3_+1
         eor #$ff
         sta z4_+1

         ldx faces+2,y
         lda vertices_x,x
         sta verticebuf_x+2
         sbc verticebuf_x+1

         ;multiplier 1
         lda vertices_y,x
         sta verticebuf_y+2
         sbc verticebuf_y+1

         ;multiplier 2

z3_      lda tmath1,y
z4_      sbc tmath2,y
z1_      sbc tmath1,x
z2_      adc tmath2,x

         ;skip if negative
         bmi +
         jsr drawface

Though things are fast, all this can be a bit unprecise when faces get small, so it is smart to let the filler test if x1 > x2 when drawing a line of a face and thus stopping filling if this happens, else you might end up in slight glitches.

Backface Culling - Alot faster method

by JackAsser / Booze Design

Please see the attached PDF. rotation_and_backface_culling_for_simple_demo.pdf

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