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Draw RAM to screen or color memory

This is a simple subroutine I wrote to draw graphics to the screen and to set the color memory. Set the zero page addresses with the source and the destination (screen or color memory) and set the registers to the width and height of the area you are filling in. Written for ACME assembler.

;Draw RAM to the screen memory or the color memory in a rectangular box
;drawaddlo = $fb address of data, set before entering draw memory
;drawaddhi = $fc	
;drawposhi = $fd where to draw to
;drawposlo = $fe	

drawwidth		!byte $00	;held in a, width of area to draw
drawwidthhold		!byte $00
drawheight		!byte $00	;held in x, height of area to draw

drawmemory		sta drawwidth
			sta drawwidthhold
			stx drawheight
nextspot		lda drawaddhi
			sta drawjimmy + 2
			lda drawposhi
			sta posjimmy + 2
			ldx drawaddlo			
drawjimmy		lda $a000,x
			ldx drawposlo
posjimmy		sta $a000,x
			inc drawaddlo
			bne +
			inc drawaddhi
+			dec drawwidth
			beq nextline
			inc drawposlo
			bne +
			inc drawposhi
+			bne nextspot

nextline		lda drawwidthhold
			sta drawwidth
			lda #$29		;screenwidth
			sbc drawwidth
			adc drawposlo
			sta drawposlo
			lda drawposhi
			adc #$00
			sta drawposhi
			dec drawheight
			bne nextspot
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