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Cross Development

Use that PC for something good!

Setting up a cross development environment



Graphics conversion

Assemblers and Cross-dev systems

This section contains information relating to specific assemblers of cross-dev systems.

Also check the syntax highlighting section below which contains syntax highlighting files for various assemblers for various text editors.

Also have a look at the source code conversion page if you want to know how to convert your sources from turbo assembler (petscii) to ascii, and how to (re)indent code that is messy. Also note that there is a list of commonly used assemblers on the Most used tools page.


  • ACME win32 binary and ACME source includes some tweaks I made from the base ACME 0.93 tree to add some development helpers when using the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE:
    • Compiler fixes for Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0
    • Added –msvc to output warnings/erros in the MS IDE format. Pressing F4 in the IDE will jump to the next warning/error.
    • Added –vicelabeldump and the PO !svl to save referenced global labels in VICE monitor format. When loaded in the monitor these labels are displayed in the disassembly.
    • Added the PO !sal to cause !sl and !svl to save all referenced labels including local labels. This is useful if separate zones have labels you want to know while debugging.


ca65 is an assembler which is part of the cc65 suite of tools.


DreamAss is perhaps the most turbo-assembler-alike assembler, expanded with macros.

Kick Assembler

PDS (Programmers Development System)

  • PDS - Info and resources related to PDS

CBM .prg Studio

  • CBM .prg Studio - ML and BASIC dev environment targetting most 8 bit machines (64/128/VIC20/16/Plus4/PET). Integrated assembler/debugger & sprite/char/screen designer (Windows)

C64 Studio

  • C64 Studio - Assembler and BASIC development tailored to game development. Contains sprite/char/graphic/screen/map editors, media managers, supports remote debugging via VICE.
  • Supports CPU types 6502, 6510, 65C02, R65C02, W65C02, 65CE02, 4502, M65 (Mega65)
  • Supports several assembler syntaxes (ACME foremost, DASM, PDS)


Syntax Highlighting

Ways to transfer your code to C64

  • Final replay and Codenet - by Graham/Oxyron. Requires a cartridge with RR-net.
  • RR.exe - by Groepaz/Hitmen. Requires a Retro Replay cartdrige with SilverSurfer.
  • – Allows accessing .d64 images (you can upload to the site) from a real C64 via virtual drive software. Currently supports Comet64 internet modem, but RR-net/64nic versions are being developted.
  • 64net NG - by Bitbreaker/Nuance^Metalvotze
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