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  • CSDb coding forum - Any kind of c64 coding related issues. Maintained by Perff/NoName.
  • - About Retro Replay related development. The forum also have a lot of useful files and sourcecodes uploaded in one of the subs. Maintained by RaveGuru/Instinct.



Running on the C64

  • Turbo Assembler — Reference document to Bacchus version of Turbo Assembler 5.2
  • Turbo Assembler Homepage - maintained by Style. Also featuring Turbo Macro Pro.
  • Turbo Action ROM V1 - Action Replay ROM file for the Retro Replay which includes a version of Turbo Assembler that runs from the internal RAM of the RR. Hack by SounDemon/Dekadence.

Cross assemblers

Don't link directly to binaries in cases where a proper homepage for the assembler is available.

  • CA65 and CC65 - Assembler/c compiler/Linker
  • Kick Assembler - by Slammer/Camelot. Assembler with extensive Java-style scripting. Runs anywhere with Java.
  • ACME - Cross assembler with a lot of nice features, without being bloated. Includes macro support.
  • Dreamass - by Doc Bacardi/The Dreams
  • WLA DX - by Wille Helin. Supports many processors, including 6502/6510 and 65816.
  • 64TASS Old TASS by KM/Taboo updated by Soci/Singular
  • TMPx - Cross assembler that is source compatible with Turbo Macro Pro
  • k2asm Open-source cross assembler with linker, scopes and python-macros
  • XA (xa65) xa assembler / disassembler by Cameron Kaiser and others.
  • DASM Official home of the DASM cross-assembler.
  • C64 Studio, open source IDE specialized for C64 game programming.

Ways to transfer your code to C64

These are tools that can be used to transfer code that has been assembled on a PC/Mac and execute it on the C64 without forcing the user to store the contents on a C64 disk first.

  • Final replay and Codenet - by Graham/Oxyron. Requires a Retro Replay cartridge with RR-net.
  • RR.exe - by Groepaz/Hitmen. Requires a Retro Replay cartridge with SilverSurfer.


Although a lot of tools are available on CSDb, there are also a number of tools on the list maintained by Fairlight that are not available on CSDb.

  • CSDb - A lot of tools (both for C64 and cross dev).
  • Fairlight Tool list - List of tools (both for C64 and cross dev).
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