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I/O Programming

This section contains info on how to access various kinds of peripheral I/O hardware such as the keyboard, joysticks, serial devices and so on. It also contains info on communications programming, such as modem protocols.

Disk/Tape IO

General DOS/Kernal stuff

These are general file IO functions, not restricted to a certain type of hardware.

Disk IO

Tape IO

Tape xfer routines

By Fungus. Either of these two shell routines is to be used with each of the transfer routines below:

The xfer routines below are to be used for reading originals using various loaders and storing them onto disk:

Harddrive stuff

Keyboard and text IO

Text manipulation and formatting

Joystick, mouse, paddles, koalapad, lightgun…


Data transfer protocols

The sourcecode for C*Base (BBS software) also contains a number of sources of transfer protocols, such as Punter and others. It is maintained by Tao/Triad and you can find it here.

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