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Game Programming

This section contains material specifically related to issues of game coding. Of course, “game coding” involves many things that are also covered elsewhere on the wiki, such as graphics programming, disk/keyboard/joystick access, sound programming, and so forth, but the articles listed on this page are nevertheless written with the specific topic of game programming in mind. For example, optimization priorities may be a bit different when coding a demo effect and when coding a game engine.

General Tutorials

  • From the “Learning ML” series by Craig Bruce, in C= Hacking:
    • Learning ML 4 - Development of a Space Invaders game (for the 64 and 128), part 1


Sprites, aka hardware supported freely movable objects, are an essential part of most games.


Sources for games

Here are sources for a few small games.

by Hannu Nuotio


  • MicroPong - The classic videogame for 2 players in 824bytes by Scout/Silicon Ltd. (as HMVDVA/HeMa!)

by Richard Bayliss

  • Balloonacy II (DASM Source code) - The crazy balloon style adventure game
  • Duo Blast - A simple 2 player game
  • For Speed We Need - A dodge racing game
  • Jeffy (TASS Source Code) - The crazy grab and avoid game written in 2005.
  • Racked Off (ACME Source code) - The funny arcade game
  • Hyper Duel (ACME Source code) - Fun 2 player game based on Super Dogfight, but weirder!
  • Bomb Chase 2009 (ACME Source code)

Sources for PC/Mac Development Tools

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