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SID and Music Programming

This is where you find programming examples as well as hardware information about the SID, the soundchip inside the C64. This section also contain information related to music programming on the c64, such as music file formats and other things like that.

Playing readymade tunes

This section exemplifies how to play a tune in your own demos/games. The tune itself is done elsewhere, in a editor like JCH/DMC/SDI etc, or coded directly in assembler.


Detailed examinations of the waveforms.

Players and Editors

This section deals with code to generate music. (Not just playback of readymade music.)

File format descriptions

SID model detection

Is it a 6581 (the old one) or a 8580 (the new one) SID in your machine?

Frequency tables/calculation

Envelope manipulation

Samples aka Digis

Speech Synthesis

MIDI on the C64

Hardware Issues

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